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31 March 2010 @ 07:35 pm
Opinions- does this sound good?  
Cooking dinner for Pat, Phil and myself. It's Italian chicken- my way. lol. Chicken breasts dipped in oregano/parsley egg and coated with Italian bread crumbs with extra oregano and parsley [it's not overpowering, I promise] and pepper. Baked in a 9x13 pan with garlic and butter.

I very seldom cook, but when I do, it's always amazing. The first time I made my lemon pepper chicken, that's when Chris knew he wanted to married me. lol. But he's generally the cook in our marriage.
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Lowhomperjawed on April 1st, 2010 01:04 am (UTC)
This is how I would do it:

Chicken breasts dipped in egg [or milk]. Roll in breadcrumbs seasoned with oregano, basil, garlic powder [less than the others], little pepper. Lay in pan. Mix 1/2 cup melted butter and 2 minced/chopped fresh garlic cloves. Spoon over chicken. Finish with slight squirt of lemon.